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1. What is Soulawa?

Soulawa is an intermediate platform for crafters, small businesses, start up companies to promote and sell their handcraft product that reflects their uniqueness of their creations. With Soulawa, local crafters are having opportunities to be recognized, to put their passion and products forward, and able to reach their global audience that can broaden the businesses by targeting the right niche.

2. How can I start to sell my items?

You can immediately sell your products after signing up and registered as a Soulawa user. You can register easily using your Facebook account or your email address. You will need an active PayPal account for transactions. Then create your shop page to start selling. Post your product in active listing. Ideally list as much products as as you possible can. This can increase your chance to be discovered. You can put on active listing products that are in stock, made to order and/or back in stock.

3. What product can I sell on Soulawa website?

Any goods such as handicraft products, handmade products, locally made products. You can read under Soulawa’s general Terms & Conditions under Definitions to find details about Products and Prohibited Items.

4. What fees do I have to pay as a seller?

You will be charged on listing fee for 0.20 USD for each active listing. Here you can decide to extend the active listing manually or automatically. The listing period is valid three months consecutively. For every sale made a selling fee of 12% of your selling price is applicable. The fee’s will be charged directly to your Paypal account.

5. Can I have multiple shop on Soulawa website?

Yes you can own more than one shop as long as the product you sell is not identical. You can open two different shops with different items offer. Please read Seller Rules under Restrictions regarding duplicate shops.

6. Can I be a seller and a buyer at the same time?

Soulawa is a platform for sellers that are also buyers. You can sell your handmade items and your creations and at the same time also supporting another seller by purchasing their product.
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