Meet Joglo Ayu Tenan, Indonesia’s local jewelry and art fabric community

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What is Joglo Ayu Tenan?

Joglo Ayu Tenan is a co-working space for the jewelry and art fabric community in Indonesia. With its location in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, a city highly regarded as being rich in culture and art, this has allowed Joglo Ayu Tenan to contribute in giving positive impact towards the local society and Indonesia.

With Mrs. Yayuk Sukandan’s background in pharmacy, she realized that respecting nature was necessary when creating something, thus inspiring the founder of Joglo Ayu Tenan to develop eco-friendly art fabric. As a result, in 2009, Joglo Ayu Tenan officially established itself as a jewelry making space with the name Ayu Tenan Gallery. In May 2016, it further expanded to include art fabrics.

Impact on the local Community

In addition to impacting the local community, Joglo Ayu Tenan aims to become a place where people can come together and share the excitement of creating jewelry and art fabric while experiencing diversity and art.

To accomplish this, Joglo Ayu Tenan has developed coaching clinics for small crafters, home crafters, and startups and provided space for local crafters to display their products. With qualified instructors in Joglo Ayu Tenan, in addition to jewelry and art fabric, everyday it also supports workshops for other art types, such as metalsmithing, clay jewelry making, dyeing method for art fabric and jewelry-making courses.


Future Actions

With its mission to increase public awareness towards arts and crafts, the establishment of workshops, community sharing sessions and participation in both local and international craft exhibition and events has allowed Joglo Ayu Tenan to successfully do so. So far, it has received 2 awards, the Femina Award 2012 and the Australia Award 2017. The community has also participated exhibitions, such as Inacraft 2017, Trade Expo Indonesia and China-Asia Expo in Nanning, China.

Not only limited to the local arena, through their training program, Joglo Ayu Tenan is constantly growing and introducing its jewelry-making art to visitors from abroad. With strategies set for achieving greater success in the local and global industry, Joglo Ayu Tenan is planning on improving their programs, workspace area and classrooms.


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