Uwerans, rediscovering priceless treasures from worthless items


Upcycle Jewelries

For most people, once an item has been used to its full potential, many will view it as garbage. However, not many realize that used items can be reused for other purposes. One of them is creating jewelries, also known as upcycle jewelry. Upcycle jewelries are jewelries or accessories that are created from discarded items deemed worthless, which are later reused, resulting in higher valued jewelries. In Indonesia, one place where these types of jewelries can be found is at Uwerans.

Uwerans, from the past to the future

Although she started making jewelries from various beads using the stringing technique since 2011, it was not until 2013 when she resigned from her job and started creating jewelries from copper full-time through the establishment of Uwerans.

“Uwerans”, whose name is originated from “uwers”, which means coiling in Javanese, is a jewelry brand established on creating upcycle jewelry. Most of the accessories are made from copper, gathered from factory waste or Telecommunication Companies in Indonesia. In addition to copper, to create the accessories, brass, natural stones and recycled glass beads are also sometimes used in combination with copper.

Bringing Indonesian culture to the global arena

To accomplish her goal in supporting local products, having Uwerans based in Central Java, Indonesia has allowed Uwerans to gain various ideas and encorporate it into the jewelries being created. In addition to using used materials obtained from various locations in Indonesia, Uwerans uses the wabi sabi style as its signature style. Various styles are used to design and create the jewelries, with one of the techniques used being coiling, a wire wrapped technique.

With her vision to fuse Indonesia colors with the current jewelry designs existing in global arena, she combines materials from Indonesia with her concepts. These concepts are derived from resources located in Indonesia, such as, but not limited to, the Indonesian traditional pattern from batik and hand-woven cloth. Through her jewelries, she aims for people located worldwide to experience the beauty and richness of Indonesia.

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